Why is there an empty school bus going to McClellan Grade School in Wayne Township?

McClellan and Sanders are two schools in Wayne Township that provide special services that BCSC currently doesn't, for a few students from Brownsburg, as well as other area school districts. Depending on the time of day the bus that you see is likely either taking a few BCSC students or retrieving the students that currently attend there for services.

That said, BCSC is in the process of organizing with Avon Schools to provide those same services here, thus keeping our students on our campus and eliminating the twice daily less-than-cost-effective bus trip into Wayne Township.


Are the Clermont Lakes and Clermont Heights subdivisions going to be redistricted to Ben Davis?

No. Both subdivisions are inside Hendricks Co. and so will safely remain in the Brownsburg Community School Corporation. Ben Davis, which is part of the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, is within Marion County.


Are there plans to make the entrance to WMS more secure?

BCSC is in the process of upgrading entry security in all schools throughout the district, including the entries into offices and access into the school proper. These modifications will be implemented between now and the start of the 2014-15 school year.

Was attendance affected Friday, April 19 by the flooding?

District-wide, compared to the same day last year, there were about seven additional students per grade absent Friday.
Compared to Thursday, Friday had a little over 12 additional absences per grade level district-wide.

We know that any weather event can impact areas of our community differently, which is why we encourage parents to make the final decision that is best for their child's safety given their particular circumstances. In this case the two-hour delay allowed for flooding to recede in a number of areas. Some, however, remained impassable all day.

How much did BCSC pay for Zeus, the K9 police officer?

Zeus was paid for through a $5,000 grant from the Hendricks County Substance Abuse Task Force. His training is provided free of charge by the Hendricks County Sheriff's Dept. and his medical care is offered by a local veterinarian.


When the administration offices move will the main entrance to Brown Elementary be moved to the current entrance for the admin offices?

The selective renovation of Brown Elementary, scheduled for the first half of 2014, includes the reconfiguration of the office and public entries. The exact details have not been finalized, but a secure entry sequence to the building is a primary project goal.


Where can I access the data that provides the racial and ethnic makeup of the Brownsburg Schools?

That information is compiled and published by the Indiana Dept. of Education each year. It is easily accessed from the BCSC webpage. In the lower right corner of the main page you'll see MAP/DOE Compass which is the link to enrollment and other statistical data about our schools. That information is available for each school by selecting the specific school (once on the IDOE page).


With all the flu going around, is BCSC using bleach as a disinfectant ?

No. According to The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), bleach has a toxicity rating labeled as Category 1. Category 1 defines a substance as being the most toxic and receives the DANGER label.

This categorization is based on the following studies: acute dermal, acute oral, dermal sensitization, acute inhalation, primary eye irritation and primary skin irritation.

In short, bleach in any form or dilution is NEVER a recommended sanitizer in schools, as it puts students with asthma and allergies at risk. Instead, BCSC uses a safe disinfectant on surfaces to kill germs.


Why does BCSC lease Mitchell Farms for the property between Reagan Elementary and East Middle School, and Hession Farms Partnership for the north property?

Both of those properties are owned by BCSC and rather than let them sit unused until they are needed for school construction, they are leased to farmers. BCSC then receives income from those properties.


Where can I find dates for events at the high school, like dances and the prom?

The BCSC website has a new feature that makes it very easy to access calendar information about upcoming events in all schools. All you have to do is find the calendar at the center bottom of the district or any school webpage and click on "View Entire Month". That will open the specific calendar for that webpage. By clicking on the individual events you can get expanded information about the event. You can even subscribe, download or print the calendar, so you never miss another important event!